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Works on resolving legal issues that Syrian refugees in Turkey face through systematic work that raises legal awareness among refugees, an effective communication mechanism that receives and solves their problems, and professional documentation of the cases they face that is used to advocate for improving the legal environment.


Works on supporting the social integration of immigrants and raising the awareness of the host community about their issues through media, social, and educational initiatives and activities.
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One of the Civil Society Organizations Platform projects, Himaye, works to solve the legal issues Syrian refugees face in Turkey. Through systematic efforts, it aims to raise legal awareness among refugees, establish an effective communication mechanism to receive and solve their problems and provide professional documentation of the cases they encounter to advocate for improvements in the legal environment.

The project aims to support the harmonization of Syrian refugees in Turkey, as legal issues pose a significant barrier to their integration into Turkish society and their achievement of social concordance. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in legal problems faced by refugees, whether due to discrimination, lack of legal awareness, or bureaucratic issues with Turkish authorities.


The project has three main work streams:

Legal Awareness: Informing refugees about their rights and duties, raising their awareness of legal ways to solve problems they face, and encouraging them to initiate the regularization of their legal status in Turkey to increase their positive contribution to society. This is done through the use of new media and conducting awareness seminars.


Case Management and Dealing with them: Creating an effective communication mechanism to receive refugees’ problems and work on solving them by providing the necessary legal advice, mediating efforts by communicating with relevant Turkish official entities, or resorting to the judiciary.


Preparing Reports and Advocating for Legal Environment Improvement: Preparing professional reports of cases faced by refugees, in cooperation with specialists, to use these reports to communicate with responsible Turkish entities and advocate for an improved legal environment for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a civil society initiative that aims to promote the positive visibility of migrants, advocate for social cohesion, and raise awareness against discrimination by organizing social media, cultural activities, and trainings.

Goals and Areas of Work

  • To provide awareness-raising trainings against hate speech and discrimination
  • To carry out work for the positive image and visibility of migrants
  • To be in contact with various institutions and ensure that migrants are recognized by these institutions


  1. Education Harmony organizes trainings to develop social cohesion and intercultural interaction and raise awareness about issues such as human rights and discrimination.
  2. Culture / Art It organizes cultural and art programs to showcase the cultures, lifestyles, cultural and human similarities of migrants, ensure that people respect different cultures and lifestyles, and contribute to empathy.
  3. Media It carries out media work to increase the positive visibility of migrants, raise awareness to build an inclusive society, and convey the stories of people from different segments of society.


Building Markets, Sustainable Development Conference 2023 Social Impact Award